HANGING GARDEN // Talk & Performance

Irene Coppola, Marcela Caldas, Matteo Cremonesi, Orio Vergani and OVERLAP

A talk open to the public about Irene Coppola’s art practice with her exhibited project Hanging Garden from September 2018 till September 2019.

For the occasion, she will intervene in dialog with Marcela Caldas, Colombian architect, and researcher, Matteo Cremonesi, artist and art director at Office Project Room, Orio Vergani, gallery owner at Nowhere gallery and the musical trio from OVERLAP with Marina Notaro (saxofon), Matteo Castiglioni (keyboard), Maurizio Gazzola (electronic).

Through an interdisciplinary approach it will possible to focus on the relationship between nature, display and the Coppola’s sculpture practice: from the vegetal waste, the residual losing its original function to became a new object, to the void as scenic dispositive or socio-political traces, to the mold, the negative form taking shape with a specific, sensible and inverted imaginary.

The conversation will end with an inedit sound-performance by OVERLAP for Hanging Garden, designed and created specifically for a special live-session