Isabella Nazzarri (b. 1987 in Livorno, Italy) lives and works in Milan. Her practice is focused on painting as a daily gesture and essential, but at the same time always projected towards an elsewhere romantic and desired.
Through a slow process of choice, she attempt to give life to her personal epiphanies of travel.
Through travel and observation, Isabella Nazzarri produce a personal photo archive of the places she visit and then develop them into paintings through a practice that slowly moves away from photographic reality to reach the magmatic nature of the material. 
Her favorite subject is nature, in the completeness of its elements: visions where water merges with earth and air with fire, looking for that primordial vital energy that began the birth of the world.
Hers is a symbolic painting. The colors that the artist choose to use are always symbolic of what they mean. Paintings always begin with a dark background, then the colors become lighter and more vivid, and as the light advances, the figurative image gives way to a luminous vision, with undefined contours, where the color is never static nor is the form fixed. A scenario between here and a dreamed elsewhere.


Serafico, 2022, Oil on board, cm 54x96.
Valle ombrosa, 2022, Oil on board, cm 54x96.
Pomeriggio Azzurro, 2022, Oil on canvas, cm 90x80.
Principe Azzurro, 2022, Oil on canvas, cm 70x50.